My child really wants to date outside our competition…

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My child really wants to date outside our competition…

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Q: My child is 14 and it is getting thinking about men, and she appears more interested in dudes outside of our battle. i’m perhaps not a racist person but i would really like to discourage this for starters simple reason: that the majority of individuals aren’t reasonable to a blended couple and I also do not want her to suffer because of this. When I compose this it feels like i am prejudiced, but i must say i do not want her to stay in pain because of this. Can there be method of discouraging these relationships without seeming prejudiced?

A: No, there’s absolutely no method of “not seeming that is prejudiced because you are. Simple and plain.

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In line with the United states Heritage Dictionary, prejudice is understood to be “an judgment that is adverse opinion formed beforehand or without knowledge or study of the reality.” Although your page states that you try not to believe that you’re prejudiced, i am suspect that the daughter thinks you might be. (more…)