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However, if you remove filters after the search, you have to do the whole one-hour search all over again. Usually the software can recover the files that are in "excellent" condition . Recuva Professional offers an outstanding value for data retrieval with very affordable prices. Buy this software today to start recovering your important files.

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After choosing files to restore, the files are restored wih no folder name or file name to associate which videos are which. I now have hundred of unnamed DVD files, only hundreds of VOB’s, IFO’s, and BUP files not knowing what goes where.

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I tried another file restore app available on Snapfiles and it restored the files and folders as they were on my HD, complete with file and folder names. I will write comments/review under the name of that program.

  • The program works to provide the best results in just seconds, so there is no need to wait in anticipation.
  • It is more of Undeletion software instead of Recovery software.
  • Local copy of the help needed when the intenrnet connection is down.
  • It lets you know INSTANTLY that they’re interested – so that you can talk to that lead while they’re literally checking out

In it we will find all the files that were deleted by us in the past, where we see files of all kinds. However, we must bear in mind that we have not yet recovered anything, since Recuva only shows the localized entries. That is why the most recommended at this point, is that we scroll through the aforementioned list to find what we are really interested in recovering. Disk Drill, on the other hand, only provides recovery of a limited amount of data for free, but allows for its features to be enjoyed without any other kind of limitation.

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The Wizard Recovery Mode is available for users who do not have as much knowledge about the subject of file recovery. It provides users with a step by step instruction on how to perform all the necessary actions for file recovery. When starting the program, users are greeted with this window. With everything and with it, later and from the program’s own interface, we can redefine those filters and carry out more searches to find accidentally deleted content. Also from the program options, although we do not have many parameters, we can establish which units to see, the language , or the types of files to search for.

Once these two simple and quick steps are completed, the Recuva program can start the process of searching the desired location for the specified file types that have been deleted or lost. Within minutes, the program should manage to find all applicable files and they will appear in a list. The right side shows a preview of the files with additional information about them like the size and modification date. After clicking next, the user is directed to the next page where file types are selected. This page serves the function of selecting the file types that are desired to be recovered. They include the options of all files, pictures, music, documents, video, compressed, and emails.

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It’s an outstandingly user-friendly solution though, designed to provide strong scanning and recovery functions for even the least tech-savvy users. And just like Recuva, it also has a unique feature in the form of Recovery Vault, with which important folders can receive extra protection from mishap or accidental deletion. Compared to similar solutions, Disk Drill for Windows is a bit pricey.