How to Clean Solar Lights?

Many of us after working so hard to set up the solar lights which have reduced our running costs and improved our live hood we have forgotten the path lights which help us see what is in our backyard and keeping it safe or the flooding lights which we installed for security purposes the solar lights have become a part of our life but then there is one critical thing that most of us tend to forget about the solar light which is cleaning them.

But then each process has some precautions that you need to take. Before you start with the clearing process, you have to ensure that the lights are switched off. Since you will be cleaning them during the day, there isn’t any need for them to be on. The lighting bulbs that are high where you can’t reach then use a ladder.

After you have climbed to the level where you can easily reach the bulb, use the screwdriver to remove the screws around the bulbs and lightings fixture. Also, remove the solar lighting bulb and replace those that are not working anymore.

Put the bulb in a place where you can clean later but make sure also they are at a safe place where they will not get damaged.

Take a basin half full warm water and dish detergent. Use old rags to clean the outer side of the light fixture. Rinse the surface till it is clean, dry the rug and use it to clean the inner part of the light fixture, and also with the dry rug, you can also clean around the socket and any other surface dirty and sensitive to wetness.

The final step is taking a glass cleaner and clean of the globes and all the functioning solar lighting bulbs. After the surface, they have dried, then put together the globes, and the bulbs then returns all the screws and make. Sure they are tight enough to use different cloths and rags to polish the surface of the bulb with this; you will have brightened your pathway and make it new once again. Before you turn the lights on make sure the surfaces have dried. For the those who are looking for best solar lights for your home visit