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That way, you can be in the know without grabbing your device and being dangerously distracted on the road. If you decide that this is the right move for you, go to Settings, choose General, and then Passcode Lock. After you do that, activate the option to Erase Data. Then, if someone steals your phone and tries to repeatedly break into it, the data will be erased and inaccessible to the prying eyes of the thief.

The item is also useful for scientific purposes like observing specimens in the laboratory, or for school projects. You can also use the magnifier to repair electronics, circuit boards, fitting or removing small screws, viewing stamps, currency, coins, reading maps, and much more. It fits in the hands nicely and also doesn’t add any weight. Therefore, you can hold the piece for long periods with no problems.

How To Use Magnifier On Iphone And Ipad

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I wasn’t able to find any free alternatives, so if anyone knows of one be sure to let us know in the comments below. In order to see the picture correctly since it will appear upside down when it goes through the lens, you’ll need to flip your screen. Now, take your paperclip and bend it into a little stand for your phone.

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After tracing the magnifying glass well and precisely, use the knife on your table to cut it nicely at the edges of the trace until you are done. When you are done removing the part for the magnifying lens, place the lens nicely on the spot and tape the glass in position. Make sure that the magnifying glass is well placed and firm and also the inside of the glass where you see well should be inside the box. Here we are going to discuss step by the set procedure on how to make your phone project on the wall without a projector. Lol, you do realize this is rendered reproduction of a magnifying glass right? There isn’t a tiny gremlin living in the LCD that springs to action on command to whip out his maginfying glass making it a hardware issue.

  • To activate, you must perfect the triple/double-tap—that’s tapping three fingers simultaneously, twice, on the screen.
  • This is also lit with 3 LED lights which are very bright and create an evenly lit view.
  • You can switch to the front camera and use as a mirror with light bars for dim lighting.
  • It can extend the LED working time as per your requirement.
  • One of the main benefits of a magnifying glass is the ability to use both hands to work with the object while under magnification.
  • A magnifying glass is a tool used to have a better view of small objects.