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This is a complex game, and it requires a monumental amount of strategic thinking. If you want to see what World War II must have looked from the highest level of command, this is the game for you. So much attention has been paid to the vehicles and environments that you’ll feel totally immersed in the World War II experience. The Remastered Collection revamps the original Command & Conquer and the first Red Alert, plus all associated expansion packs, in a manner online card games that makes them look like they do in those same memories. You personally visit weird, floating lands full of blobby monsters summoned by pumping a soul into them, that they will crush your enemies so you can harvest their souls too. Spells will bore irreparable holes in the earth, summon the arbitrarily-scything figure of Death itself, and crush someone under a massive cow. Its deployment of levity and charm is perfectly pitched to take the edge off its bitter, intense conflict.

These decisions determine the course of your XCOM 2 campaign, but the moment-to-moment gameplay is just as interesting. Combat plays out like Chess, with a small army of unique units set to a grid. With the threat of permadeath looming, the stakes are high in XCOM 2.

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  • Tap the PLAY FULL SCREEN button on each individual game page for distraction-free driving.
  • All of our HTML5 games can be played on your desktop, laptop, phone, or tablet.
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If you like traditional turn-based hex gameplay, this is the game for you. It’s easy to pick up, but packs a lot of depth, and has some nice animations and effects to keep things interesting.

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Civilization paved the way for the development of other 4X games, though RTS games would become more dominant during the 90s and 2000s. Several sequels to Civilization have been published, with the latest one, Civilization V, having been published in 2010. If you’re looking for a console-based WW2 strategy experience, Sudden Strike 4 is the way to go. Be warned that this game won’t hold your hand and you will find it very difficult. Despite that, it packs a huge amount of strategic heft. You wage war along the entire Eastern front, and you can play through five different campaigns. You have access to a wide variety of units, including ski troopers, engineers, pioneers, and tank destroyers.

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Thankfully, you can play the first chapter of each campaign pack for free to get a taste of the action. You’ll find a slick and detailed game packed full of content—with over 700 units, including infantry, tanks, ships, and aircraft.

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The presentation is immaculately sinister and minimalist, and while DEFCON is unlikely to keep you playing through the night, you might lose sleep anyway. Conquer the galaxy in AD2460, a free-to-play browser based MMO strategy title that puts you in control of a star-spanning empire bent on domination through any means necessary. Amplitude Studios has constantly been improving its 4X design since the launch ofEndless Spacein 2012. Unlike its processor, it comes with a list of highly specialized races, each fit with different traits and perks. Wargrooveisthegame for tactics fans right now, and any strategy fan will easily get their money’s worth for the asking price.