Louis DiBiccari began his career 15 years ago at, of all places, Fitchburg State College. Coming from a big Italian family and growing accustomed to his mom’s scratch cooking, Louis abandoned the school’s dining program and taught himself how to cook in his off campus apartment. Realizing this was his calling, he decided to enroll at Scottsdale Culinary Institute. With no professional training under his belt, he knocked on the door of James Beard Award-winning chef, Christopher Gross. After paying his dues at Christopher’s Bistro and graduating from school Louis returned back home to Boston. Louis spent his internship at Season’s at the Bostonian Hotel. Seasons was a legendary institution that jump-started the careers of Jasper White, Lydia Shire, Todd English, Jody Adams, Tony Ambrose, Peter McCarthy, Peter Davis, Susan Regis, and Brian Poe, among others. Louis’ next step would lead him to Frank McClellend, at the most talented kitchen in the city of Boston – L’espalier. At L’Espalier, Louis worked alongside Geoff Gardner until the inception of Sel de la Terre. Louis joined Geoff and his team in what would turn out to be 12 years of assisting in leading and growing the brand. As a sous chef at the original Long Wharf location, Louis was given freedom over SDLT’s cuisine and kitchen staff while his brother Michael DiBiccari held down the service team and restaurant operations.

In 2008, Louis was named chef de cuisine of SDLT in the Back Bay at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. He was given full reign over kitchen and menu design. It was in this role that Louis began accumulating local and national recognition for his abilities in the field, particularly in his culinary styling of “nose to tail” cooking, his relationship with local farmers and dedication to working within the organic seasons of the New England harvest. In 2009, Louis and eight of his piers were named “Rising Star Chefs” by The restaurant was recognized in several categories for Boston Magazine’s “Best of Boston” awards, including “Best Bar Menu” and “Best Upscale Burger.” Louis left the SDLT team in 2011 and spent six months traveling and working as a chef in Groton at Dave Gilson’s Groton farm, The Herb Lyceum. In 2003, and sort of by accident, Louis started Boston’s first ever underground dining experience. Out of his Brookline apartment, Louis started what is now known as “Chef Louie Nights”, an interactive dining experience where the guests go to his website and vote for themes and ingredients. The voting results are not revealed to Chef Louis and his team until the morning of the event. The chefs then run around the city like deranged zoo animals trying to organize, conceptualize and execute a five-course meal. What started out as a house party has grown to a semi-annual event that showcases some of Boston’s rich young culinary talent and has partnered with several local sponsors and charities ( Most recently, Louis launched a second event project called CREATE: Six Artists, Six Chefs, One Canvas. This mission of this concept is to bridge the gap between visual and culinary arts in the city of Boston and to help foster the artists’ community back to a multi-cultural city severely lacking in artistic depth (