5 Traditional Serbian Dishes You Need To Try

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Every time I visit a new place, I will never hesitate from booking those restaurants where I am going to be served with traditional foods. I guess I am not alone in this. You could also be thinking of being served with traditional Serbian dishes when you visit Serbia.

It sounds a good idea even though you are not sure of their names. Here is the list of the most attractive dishes you should order for.

1. Sarma


This is one of the traditional dishes that you should never think of missing once in Serbia. Maybe you are wondering what this sweet name would present on your table. It is just the sour cabbage leaves which are well steamed then are filled with minced meat. People in Serbia love this dish and so you out to join then whenever you visit them.

2. Prebranac

How did this sound? To me, it sounds foody. Well, it is not something out of the blues. Do you love beans? Yes, this dish will be a fantastic option for you.

Prebranac is simply that bean soup which is well spiced that you can confuse it with beans. It is best for vegetarian. You will never miss this in any balkan restaurant branch.

3. Cevapi

How will you travel to Serbia and go back home without having a taste of Cevapi? This is a sweet option for meat lovers. It is that mixed meat which is served in a sausage style. Alongside the beef, there will always be some bread, cheese, and onions. You can imagine the sweetness in this.

4. Pljeksavica


Do you love grilled meat? You are the best candidate to order for this traditional dish once you are in Serbia. Pljeksavica is a lovely dish, especially when it is less bonny. If you are greedy like me sometimes, you can consider having it served with some cheese. Don’t miss this.

5. Sopska salad

When you feel like eating, but you do not want to take something substantial, you can think of this dish. Well, it is not anything unique from the salad you have in your country. It contains some tomatoes, onions, peppers, cucumbers, and cheese. You are, however free to choose what you want to include the salad. Don’t force yourself with something you don’t love. The salad is very healthy for you.