5 Motorcycle Tools You Need to have in your Kit

Motorcycle tools are not just for professionals anymore. Learning how to handle your motorcycle repair is beneficial because you save time and money, but it is also necessary if you want to ride off into the sunset without spending an arm and a leg on the mechanic’s shop every time there’s something that needs fixing.
Gather these tools from a reputable motorcycle company, become familiar with them, and you’ll be in great shape to take care of most minor repairs in the future.

The best way to become familiar with these tools is by simply getting outside and practicing on your motorcycle. Here are five basic things that every motorcyclist should know how to do:
1. Tire Repair
2. Fixing a Brake Squeak
3. Cleaning & Lubricating the Chain
4. Maintaining Spark Plugs
5. Balancing Rotating Masses (aka “wheel shake”)

A few other items that belong in your tool kit are listed below, along with how to use them properly. It’s always best to refer to a service manual for manufacturer-specific information.

Allen Wrenches

These should be included in every motorcycle tool kit, along with flat and Phillips screwdrivers. This is because most other tools you use will have either one of these two types of screws on them. Although Allen wrenches come in various shapes and sizes depending on what type of screws they are designed for, you should have the following three sizes closest to hand:
1. 5mm*
2. 6mm*
3. 8mm* *(or slightly smaller)
It’s best to have two sets of Allen wrenches – one that is made up of only the above three sizes, and another that consists of many more sizes, for use with the tool kit.


Similar to Allen wrenches, flathead screwdrivers are often used in conjunction with Phillips head screwdrivers. The only screwdriver you should have in your motorcycle tool kit is a small-sized Phillips crosshead. This type of screwdriver is designed so that if you apply too much pressure, it will slip out of the screw without causing damage. Other types of screwdrivers should stay out of your tool kit to avoid any unnecessary accidents.


Spanners are pliers with two different sizes (or “jaws”) on them. One size is used for gripping the bolt, and the other is used for turning. Make sure you have a set of spanners that includes all of these types:
1. 8mm*
2. 10mm*, *(or slightly smaller)
3. 12mm*
4. 14mm*. *(or slightly larger)
5. 17mm*
6. 19mm* *(or slightly larger)
7. 22mm* *(or slightly larger) *As well as any other sizes that are needed for your motorcycle. Bits and Pieces Pliers are used to grip rounded objects, which is why they are often referred to as “round-nose” pliers. A set of pliers should include various sizes, but the most useful are 8mm and 10mm.


Oftentimes you need to use tools that are not designed for motorcycle repair at all, namely wrenches. A wrench is somewhat similar to a spanner in that it uses different sized jaws to grip onto whatever it is you want to tighten, loosen, or completely remove.
However, instead of having one jaw that is fixed to the handle while the other can be moved up and down, both jaws are fixed. Therefore, wrenches do not slip out of whatever it is you’re trying to turn by accident.