Use It: Secret Functions X-plore App For Android Devices That Nobody Knows (Updated).

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While there isn’t a way to add additional tabs, there’s a dual panel mode when using your smartphone in landscape for a similar experience. FX File Explorer does have a paid version which includes a number of features, such as access to cloud storage. FX Plus also provides access to FX Connect (file sharing using Wi-Fi Direct), FTP, SSH, and WebDAV functionality, and access to your files via any web browser . First-time users will get a free trial of FX Plus for seven days read this, but after it expires, will be required to pay $2.99. Plugins are available for additional support, such as archiving and Samba support (Samba supports cost $1.49).

Xplorer² is a smart and sleek file manager for Windows that’s available in two versions. It is one of the most modern looking file managers in the category that offers you an option to choose from a ribbon-style interface or a more conventional menu bar. It also allows you to change the dates and attributes of the files. The software also features a file tree that allows the user to toggle through the directories easily, so that they are able to find a specific file. However, among its major features is the search option that lets user search for files across the directories easily and quickly.

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For those who have rooted devices, it has a capable root explorer. It allows you to compress and decompress files in rar and zip formats. It comes with its own media player that allows you to play videos and music, smoothly peruse through your collection of pictures, and manage both your cloud and internal storage. ES File Manager still comes with its niche gesture feature where you can record certain gestures that will perform functions within the app. It also allows you to save shortcuts to folders and files on your home screen, making it almost fully desktop-esque. It comes with built-in viewers and players for various file types, so you can watch videos and play music directly from it.

  • Much like any other app on the Play Store, X-plore File Manager does offers some additional features, although users are required to pay or make a donation in order to use them.
  • If you press the left and right mouse keys together, or your snake if you hold on the faster you’ll go.
  • And I’m sure you’ve realized this by now – that’s a good thing.
  • Supporting cloud storage, Bluetooth file browsing, remote file access, wireless PC file transfer, an SD card analyst, and a host of other features, it’s a Swiss Army knife of an app.
  • By using X-plore File Manager, you will be able to access files on your device that you otherwise might not be able to access.
  • It supports bookmarking, cloud storage service for Microsoft’s OneDrive, Dropbox, and Drive.

X-plore File Manager is a great app for getting intimately acquainted with the file system of an Android device. These are actually donations for the developers because there are no ads in this app. And once you donate, your donated will show on all your devices and there is no time limit. In addition to acting as a file-sharing app, FileLinked is also a great tool for sideloading apps on your Amazon FireStick.

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I authorize individuals to download single copies for their personal use. I explicitly forbid further distribution of the program without my written permission. In particular, X may not be included in any shareware collections on CDRom or other media, and it may not be distributed via the Internet, bulletin boards or other electronic networks. After you install X, you will have a readme file and a manual in Adobe Acrobat format. Click here to download the Adobe Acrobat Readerversion 3.01 for Windows 95/NT (4.0MB).

If you receive no errors, tap SAVE and your connection will be ready. If you receive errors, recheck your configuration options. If that doesn’t succeed, make sure your Android device is connected to the same network as the SMB server, and make sure you can connect to your shares from a desktop. If you know the direct path to the share you can fill that in, but you don’t need to. Once connected, the shares will appear allowing you to open them with a single tap.