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Q. Does the Tavern Road also have a branch near Chicago? Where else do you have branches? I really would love to know where I could visit your place when I go on trips.

A. Hi! Thank you so much for sending us a message and for your interest in our restaurant and bar. Yes, we do have a branch in Chicago and we are currently open in many more cities. You can find us in Los Angeles and in New York as well. Right now, we are also still in the process of opening up more branches so please wait for our announcement and upcoming updates.

Q. Do you serve liquors and beverages even before your bar opens at 8 PM?

A. Yes, we do serve our customers both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages even when our bar is not yet open. However, your choices before the opening of the bar at 8 PM are limited.

Q. Are you planning to have a branch in Phoenix?

A. Hello! Yes, we are planning to have another branch in Phoenix. Please wait for our announcement with regards to the upcoming opening of our branch there. Thank you.

Q. Hello. I was wondering if you have free parking for your customers.

A. Hi! Thank you for sending to us your question. Yes, we do have free parking exclusive only to our customers.

Q. Hi, I wanted to visit your place but I need to ask one thing. Do you accept reservations or not?

A. Hello, thank you for your question and your interest in visiting our restaurant and bar. Yes, we do accept reservations in our restaurant. If you would like to schedule a visit, you just have to send us a message via our email address or call us on our contact numbers available at our Contact Us page. Thank you!

Q. Where can I see your other locations?

A. You may visit our location tab on this website to know where you can find our branches, thank you!