I really love Tavern Road. My friends and I used to come across this restaurant whenever we are going to visit our hometown in Arizona. We really love to explore many places here and this restaurant will catch your attention just on their architectural structure alone. I don’t drink too much so I never tried the drinks offered at their bar before but their restaurant is simply amazing. Great food and great cuisine! I’ve been so in love with this place that I still visit the restaurant even when I’m alone.

Sarah J.
I never knew about the Tavern Road even though I live in Arizona. Maybe it is because I never really go out too much. I only noticed this when we went out for a short vacation last week. We saw this place and became instantly in love with it. It is hard to miss it because it has a beautiful and distinct structure that would really get your attention. We love how they served us and how great the foods they make here. I would really love to visit this place again.

Patricia P.
When we visited Arizona, we never really considered stopping by for a snack. We are in a rush after all. But this restaurant will catch your attention even from afar. It was such a lovely place and what’s more amazing is that they serve delicious food and drinks. My friends and I had a lot of fun here which we never regretted it. In fact, we even get to meet new friends while we were in the area. This is the reason why we considered visiting the restaurant again on our way home. This is a recommended place that everyone would really enjoy.

Van W.
Nice place! They have an awesome restaurant and a great bar. I always come here to grab a drink every time I’m in the mood to have some. Even if I’m alone, I still have a great time whenever I come to this place.

Felix Doughry